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Innovative Music Folder

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The Innovative Music Folder (IMF) is a uniquely designed music folder for music teachers and students.

It is highly recommended by professional musicians, music teachers and music students. It makes annotation extremely easy and intuitive as you can write on the sheet music directly, without the need to remove it from the plastic sleeve. And, there is no glare from reflection, unlike traditional plastic folders. Pages fit in the slots and are easily removable.

This is the 20 sleeve (40-page) version with the durable black cover, and aluminium spine. Limited stocks!

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  1. One of the best music files that I have purchased. High quality material and the sheets are durable and can be flip easily. We can also do markings on our music sheets without taking out from the folder. Good design worth buying.

  2. This is a product that I never thought I needed but it solves some problems as an accompanist that I tolerated with for many years.

    Finally found a clear score file that can insert partially so I can still makes notes directly (left of the photo). Or one can insert traditional into the sleeves (right side). Options are always great! The sleeve is also less reflective than the cheap clear folders found in Popular. If you have astigmatism like me, this is damn irritating and that’s one reason I may miss a chord or note at times when I get blinded. It also comes with a metal binder that can be removed so one can add or reduce sleeves. This file comes with a decent 20 sleeves which is a good size.

    I was also considering digital score reader but I think digital still has its limitations today, especially for a tactile person like me who likes to draw, colour and highlight. And the market is still damn expensive.

    So I highly recommend this for those who need a good score folder.

  3. Its a wonderful file. Really the Go-To file for school ensemble. Whatever the conductor say, can easily be written down without worries of it being blown away and needing to take time to put in and pull out of their individual folders. A Musicians’ new Best Friend! Highly recommended for group musicians!

  4. Worth for money, a better quality of band file. It is very convenient for quick note and no reflection during performance. Comfortable.

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